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Career Ability Placement Survey measures abilities on 8 dimensions. Includes test, scoring instructions and interpretation Guide.

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The Career Ability Placement Survey is a comprehensive, multi-dimensional aptitude battery designed to measure vocationally relevant abilities. Includes Scoring Profile and Interpretation Guide. This also cross references to the COPS interest assessment to further pinpoint relevant careers and majors. The CAPS or Career Ability Placement Survey is an assessment to identify your natural strengths and aptitudes. Measures abilities on 8 dimensions. Includes test, scoring instructions and Guide identifying careers matched to your abilities.

Each of the eight ability dimensions is keyed to entry requirements for the majority of occupations in each of the 14 COPS Career Clusters. CAPS scores are interpreted in terms of examinees’ abilities relative to others at the same educational level. Examinees learn which occupational areas are most suited to their present abilities and which areas might require a bit more training if examinees are interested in pursuing related occupations.  Price includes test, profile and guide. Appropriate for Middle School, High School, and College students as well as adults.

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