Sport of Skiboarding

Additional websites operated by Dr. Richard L. Roberts and additional products:

The above websites are under the umbrella of the Skiboards Superstore, Inc. These represent one of the niche businesses created by Dr. Roberts. The products, Skiboards, are the means for individuals to breakthrough past conditioning and experience a greater joy in their lives in a very active and fun way. “Pure fun from day one” captures the essence of this new riding sport. This business was pioneered by Doc beginning in 1996.

Learn more about the sport of skiboarding with these two books written by Doc Roberts:

Learn all about Skiboards


To learn more about skiboards, I offer a Free ebook: Skiboards 101 available for pdf download.



Instant Skiing, Instant Fun

Instant Skiing, Instant Fun: Skiboards – Best Kept Secret on the Slopes



In addition, my book explains in detail the amazing sport of skiboarding. Check out my book here:  Instant Skiing, Instant Fun

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