Frequently Asked Questions

Is this talk of Calling something new?

This quest is age-old. Myths throughout time have revealed this archetypal quest of the hero and heroine, seeking to do that which called to their deepest selves. These courageous individuals have managed to step outside of their self-focused interests and take a stand on that which must be done, on what really matters, despite all possible perils.

Yet, this is quite new in the sense that the technology for discovering your life’s work has emerged relatively recently. This path is one that each person, individually, must choose to embark on. It is a personal vision quest that we each must take alone. What is required is commitment, persistence, awakening your passion, speaking your truth and allowing yourself the permission to truly be a fully alive human being.

This is a path only for those relatively few, such as yourself, who are courageous enough to follow their hearts, to do that which they deeply love, to live their truth and to make a special difference with their time on Earth. You are that person or you wouldn’t be reading these words.

Does everyone have a calling?

Yes. Though often hidden, it is within each of us. It is that deepest passion, that joy that seeks expression. You have come upon this knowing many times. At some time in your childhood, you knew this truth, your path, the work you were here to do. Like most everyone, it got replaced by the ‘should’s’, and ‘have to’s ‘imposed on us from our society.

Will this involve a job or career change?

For most individuals, yes, change is inevitable. It is what living to your full potential demands. While it is sometimes possible to stay in the same job or career, most often a career change is in store. However, this time the career change is in the definite direction of greater success and fulfillment.

How can I expect to break out, when I am surrounded by so many who are in a fog as to their own possibilities?

The walking dead surround us. We accept that this is the way it is. But does it have to be? The first step is awareness of your predicament. Begin to observe people working, wherever you go. How many are burned out, unhappy and bored? How many are doing what they do simply for a paycheck? Take a good look. Is this how you want to be? Because the way out is quite simple – decide what you really want and start moving in that direction.

How many people are really doing what they love for a living?

It’s estimated that about 5% of our population fall into this category. You can be among those 5%, if you’re willing and have the courage to live your own life, not that dictated by others. Those in this 5% category are not any different than you. These individuals have found a way to break through the existing cultural numbness to do what they love for a living. They’re doing that which brings them joy and live beyond what is considered ‘normal’. They are doing it and so can you.

“But I need to make money.”

Ah, and that is the ego trap. As if doing what you love would make you less money. Think about it – if you are more passionate about what you are doing, love doing it, and therefore using more of your creative talents at work, wouldn’t you think you could be more successful than before? Yet, this excuse is one of many to keep you stuck and prevent you from venturing out. Ultimately, who’s purpose are you serving – yours or someone else’s?

What does calling or life’s work mean?

Your calling or what I refer to as your life’s work is what we are here to do in this life. Often referred to as right livelihood, vocation, dharma, soul’s purpose, life purpose or mission. This is the only career path that brings joy and allows you to express your passion and make a contribution with your life. Life’s work also has a lot to do with who we are meant to be. The path of pursuing your life’s work points the way to becoming the person we were destined to be. It is the path to living to our greatest possibility in life and experiencing the joy, aliveness, success and creative expression that is our birthright.


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