Are You Fulfilling Your True Purpose?




Developed by Richard L. Roberts, PhD.

Part A – Your Work

Directions: Answer quickly and truthfully with your first YES (put Y) or NO (put N) response.

1. Are you truly happy with your current job/work?

3. Have you achieved the success you believe you are capable of?

4. Do you wake up with enthusiasm and look forward to working?

6. Is your life filled with creative expression?

7. Do you constantly get creative ideas associated with your work that you can’t wait to explore?

8. Does time pass quickly at your job/work?

9. Do you feel you are making a real difference with your life?

10. Do you know what your life purpose is?

Part B. Your Life

Directions: Answer quickly and truthfully with your first YES (put Y) or NO (put N) response.

1. Do you often find yourself waiting or wishing for something to happen?

2.  Do you feel your present circumstances bring out your best?

3. Do you live on the hope of “someday” it will all work out for you?

5. Are you unclear about your real gifts and/or interests?

6. Do you feel stagnant or burned out in your work on a regular basis?

7. Do you find you are complaining often about where you are in life?

8. Are you selling out, knowing deep down that you are capable of so much more?

Are You Fulfilling Your True Life Purpose?


If you answered “NO” to at least 4 out of 10 of Part A questions, you do not compare very well to the responses of those who are fulfilling their life’s purpose and doing the work they truly love.

In contrast, if you answered, “YES” to at least 4 out of 10 of the questions in Part B, then you are like the majority of people who are not self-actualizing and realizing their full creative potential. You could definitely benefit from more in-depth self-exploration to discover your life’s work and fulfill your greater destiny. You are on the right website and not here by coincidence.

If you have many Yes answers to Part A and No answers to Part B, then you are well on your way to fulfilling your life’s work. Congratulations, you should be experiencing greater joy, aliveness, creative expression and expanded prosperity.


Synonyms for purpose: life mission, calling, vocation, soul’s purpose or dharma.

Clarifying your life purpose brings a sharper focus to your life and much greater clarity to your career decisions. They are truly blessed who are moving in the direction of fulfilling their life purpose doing work that is truly satisfying. These special individuals look forward to work and having peak experiences on a regular basis there. An endless supply of creative ideas just seem to flow, moving them forward towards even greater success quite effortlessly. Their careers seem to unfold naturally and easily, magically even, in ways that bring waves of greater fulfillment and self-awakening.

For those who have taken the time to dive into discovering their life’s work and their deeper life purpose, they find that they experience a transformation in not only the work that they do, but in who they are in the world. They have finally become the person they were born to be. Joy becomes a daily experience in work. They continually discover and come to express their deeper talents. In short, these self-actualizing individuals love what they do for a living and are making their unique contribution to the planet. 

Clarifying your soul’s purpose or true life mission as well as the work you enjoy is simple. It doesn’t come from thinking about it, nor does it come from trying different jobs to see how you like them. To truly discover your life’s work requires a systematic evaluation of your greatest talents (often hidden), your true interests and the full range of career options that match those interests

Are You Fulfilling Your True Life Purpose?

If not, no time like now to get clear and get on with it. This does not have to be a long-term process, but actually the means to discover your life’s work is quite straight forward and simple. Particularly, the DISCOVER YOUR LIFE’S WORK COURSE GUIDE on this website can be utilized to fairly quickly get you moving in the right direction and experiencing the benefits and rewards that come with doing the work you love.

If you scored low on this test in terms of being aligned with your deeper life purpose or mission, then perhaps it is time you embraced your true destiny, rather than compromising your talents and financial potential in some dead-end position!

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