Blocks to Self Realization

What are the blocks to self realization? Quite simple easy. To understand it is helpful to investigate how we are not in tune with our authentic self.

Research overwhelmingly demonstrates that the majority of our population live in illusion. Caught up in daily distractions driven by so many have to’s and should’s, we spend our precious time doing the things we believe we have to do, so that one day we might do the things we really want to do and find real happiness. The almost constant chatter in our heads that interprets our life events, tells us who we are and directs our actions, creates an illusory world that we inhabit.

Living in a personal world of imagination, with fabricated beliefs about who we are and how our life will turn out, caught in past regrets and delusions about what happened, rarely fully present in the moment, we remain one step removed from the life that flows through and all around us right now. Living behind a facade, a mask, driven by pre-conditioned patterns of thought and behavior, the idea of living to our true potential is but a dream. Yet we continue day by day to live our life as if it will come together some time in the near future, when we get that raise, the perfect relationship, spiritual awakening, or whatever else we think will bring us happiness. 

As I see it, most vital is that we personally wake up, step beyond these patterned behaviors and get in touch with our gifts and true inner capacities that are hidden within our being. There is no one that has ever been or ever will be like us.  THIS IS IT. This is our chance to express our uniqueness, our talents, our insights like no one ever has before or ever will again. To put this off, we not only rob ourselves of living our life fully, but cheat the world because we are not actively giving our gifts. 

If this sparks a deeper urge in you, a desire to be more, then it becomes critical to understand what prevents us from living to our true potential.  The waking sleep that lulls us into complacency, causes us to live in an illusory world, to live out agendas not really of our own choosing, can actually end.  Every moment counts though. The patterns we have been conditioned to live within continue to solidify. If you are not embracing your life to the fullest, it means you have succumbed to the unconsciousness that has made you forget who you really are. The ego-mind or false self is in control – planning, plotting, scheming, projecting, ignoring what is real, creating its own reality out of nothing, yet making it all seem so very real. But, the knowledge and tools do exist to simply wake up now and live the life you deserve.

Life is precious. As my son, when he was about 6 commented, “Heaven is here, now. It’s not somewhere else. It’s all around right now. Can you see it?” Happiness is available right now to each of us, despite life circumstances. Happiness does not exist in some future time when we’re able to change our circumstances to be just right. 

Within this ever evolving site, bringing the latest higher understandings, I wish to make my contribution to your life, to make it as rich, joyful and fulfilling as it possibly can be. May what is presented here help you to a more rewarding, awakened and ecstatic life.

Welcome Home to Your True Self!

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