Why I Created the LifeWork Breakthrough Program

My story that led to the creation of LifeWork Breakthrough Program. I thought I would share my story regarding why I created the LifeWork Breakthrough Program. My earliest recollections of the seeds of what would be my calling happened some time around age 5. Starting at that time, I began to sense a deadened energy in adults that kids didn’t exhibit. Remember I was 5 so this was a totally new realization for me. More and more, I noticed adults who seemed to lack a certain joy in their life, seemed tired and even lost. It reminded me of the zombie movies with people wandering aimlessly, without a spirit. Of course this is just adult life from an adult’s perspective. We simply accept this as the way things are.

As I grew older, I continued to notice the ‘walking dead’ – they were everywhere. It was like something just sucked the joy out of them. I did not understand really what happened sometime in between childhood and adulthood, but I did know without a doubt that I did not want this to happen to me. This moment was a turning point, it became the start of a life long quest to decipher the mystery.

Our society expects people to know what they want to do for a living. These questions are presented to us at various points in our life. Yet, aside from the rare few who really do know, the majority of us are left to wonder, search and even agonize over this decision throughout life. There is little support or training available for discovering one’s talents and direction in life. What makes this rather sad is that what is at stake is not whether you get to do something you love for a living, but much more importantly, whether you get the opportunity to realize your full human potential in this life. Realizing your potential is simply not possible if you’re under-employed and idling on auto-pilot.

For a good portion of my life, I had no clue as to what I wanted to do for a living. Odd, that anyone could not know what they really want. Certainly most kids are not caught in debate with themselves over what they want to be doing in that day. But with innocence lost, the pure joy of doing what calls to you also fades as we enter adulthood. There I was, more and more becoming a member of the walking dead, taking jobs out of necessity rather than choice. Moving from job to job, place to place,

I didn’t know it at the time, but discovered later in life, that one’s greater challenges are often just the incentive you need to tap a vaster wisdom and move towards your true destiny. It was my awareness of becoming a member of the walking dead, that which I had dreaded since childhood, that propelled me to research and discover not only what caused this adult affliction, but also how to escape it.

I was driven to learn everything I could. I entered a degree program in Psychology for that reason. I completed many assessment instruments of all types. I took courses in vocational counseling. I studied meditation, yoga, biofeedback and anything else I could in order to get a clue as to what I wanted to do for a living. My beginnings were not unlike what you may be going through. This challenge I faced led me to get educated in the field that was later as I discovered, to be my lifework.

Your life challenges have been preparing you as well. You are not out there on your own just wondering what to do. There is a  divine guidance that moves you in line with your own flow. Rarely are we aware of the process though as we are so busy with distractions of all kinds.

It was only when I learned to tune into clues like this that it began to come together for me. Assessment instruments certainly confirm that you are on the right track. However, what I learned through my life process was that the real discovering comes about by looking at yourself in new ways.

Old patterns will scurry you away into a thousand different directions. However, the vast creative intelligence that looks to you as a vehicle for divine work is always there, prodding, nudging and awaiting focused attention. It’s as if there is a train full of people ready to take the trip, but the train has not left the station because the engineer hasn’t hopped on board to yet. Everything awaits you taking charge of your destiny and getting clear on why you are here.

It was these early beginnings that led me to create the LifeWork Breakthrough Program, to help others to discover their true calling, what they truly love doing and how to be successful fulfilling their true potential.

I hope you will take this step to an extra-ordinary future for yourself.

R. Roberts, PhD.

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