Vocational Awakening and The Soul’s Purpose

Each soul comes to the Earth with gifts. A soul does
not incarnate only to heal and to balance its energy, to
pay its karmic debts, but also to contribute its specialness
in specific ways. Before it incarnates, each soul agrees to
perform certain tasks upon the Earth. It enters into a sacred
agreement with the Universe to accomplish specific goals.
(Zukav, Seat of the Soul, 1989)

Calling – “1: A continuing task or responsibility that one is destined or fitted to do or specially called upon to undertake; a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence; 2: vocation.” – Webster’s Dictionary –

You have a most sacred and exceptional purpose to fulfill. You were also born with all the necessary talents to honor this Calling. Made prior to birth, this sacred agreement to make a difference with your life lies deep within your core, at one with your true essence or individuality. Your unique gift demands expression, and further, the world desperately needs you to share it.

This is a major transformational event in life – to embark on this hero’s journey, to do what you came to do and take a stand on what really matters. It is your decision to take this journey or not. Know that choosing to do this however will allow you to align your personality with your Soul, ignite actualization of your inherent creative power and ultimately accelerate the evolution of your Soul (if that helps with your decision).

Your “sacred agreement”, made prior to birth, lies deep within the core of who you are. Your Calling (vocation, mission, soul’s purpose, dharma, genius) challenges you to express the full magnificence of who you really are, to overcome the limitations of your personality patterns and be of true service in Life. You are literally called in many ways throughout your life to embrace this birthright. You are here to emerge as a creator, creating on the edge of creation, bringing into fruition your vision in your own unique and perceptive way that will contribute to the Highest Good for all.

It is this very process of vocational awakening that most powerfully places you directly into alignment with that which your soul requires for its highest evolution. For not only are you here to contribute your gifts and make an impact, but more importantly, this opening to your deeper purpose will quicken your Self Realization as well.

On the level of personality, influenced strongly by the “dumbing down” of our social conditioning, Calling remains only a vague notion. Asleep to our true purpose, we follow the dictates of what is deemed normal, pursuing jobs to earn a living and going about the day in pursuit of goals not often really our own. Over time we lose touch with why we came and who we really are. We learn to settle, to be “normal”, and in the process, accept mediocrity and compromise as our way of life. Calling takes a back seat to the demands of everyday life, relegated to only those nagging feelings of restlessness and emptiness that signal something is missing.

While your Gift can certainly be forgotten, ignored or avoided, you will never really escape the accompanying feelings of in-authenticity. You may instead find yourself envying the success of others, admiring the accomplishments of the heroes in your life, or simply day -dreaming of what could be. This all speaks to our deeper core, asking us over and over again to wake up to who we truly are.

As you move from living at the whims of the personality to aligning with your Authentic Self, you are naturally become response-able and learn how to reach beyond what you thought was possible for yourself, to that which is much bigger. Ultimately, Calling requires that you assume the status of Creator, and inherent in your “sacred agreement” is that you become the master of your destiny.

This unfolding, this personal transformation occurs as we more and more align our personality with our soul. Situation by situation, crisis by crisis, we feel our way towards walking this higher path, Born with a particular personality pattern, our individual design exists to direct us, ever shifting us towards higher consciousness and authentic empowerment. Our soul evolves as we awaken to and transform our personality patterns into a higher expression of our deepest Self.

Coming to acknowledge your Vocation, and showing the courage to pursue this path is truly one of the most important areas of personal transformation. While you can certainly have a job unrelated to your Calling, fulfilling your Work “on the side”, this will (no matter how you slice it) continue to remain nothing but a sell out. As Dr. Kubler-Ross had found in interviews with those who were dying, their deepest regrets were that they had spent their precious life in the pursuit of earning a living, yet realizing they had never really lived.

It is fear that is at work when you find yourself compromising what you came to do. It is fear that causes our deeper talents to remain buried and unexpressed. It is fear that keeps us tied to spending our days in jobs that confine our spirits, just to earn a paycheck.

Vocational awakening requires courage, to act from the heart, to unleash your passion, and walk this higher path of self-actualization. You are here to do something greater with your life, to heed the call within that will activate your inherent talents and creative energies to make a difference on earth.

Our Calling or Vocation, in other words, ultimately calls us to evolve, to break through old, habitual, limiting personality patterns, and courageously walk the heroic path of true authentic empowerment. Our vocation or Work continually aligns our personality with our soul. It is therefore not just in the seeking to fulfill our special Task, but very much more so, to ignite the process of individuation and therefore allow our soul’s evolution as well.

Vocational awakening is a critical life stage if we desire to awaken our higher spiritual faculties. We do not come to experience the fulfillment of our full human potential without also engaging in vocational awakening. This is evidenced by any of those individuals we consider fully functioning or self-actualized (Reference the works of Abraham Maslow).

One thing I like about vocational consulting as compared to personal/transpersonal counseling, or even other healing methods is that you can’t fool yourself into believing that you are making progress. In other words, you can’t just bliss yourself out and therefore think you are getting into alignment with your Truth. You also can’t escape the tangible evidence that demonstrates whether or not you are producing results in the world.

What you will find in this process of vocational awakening and opening to your higher purpose is the MAGIC that surrounds your every action and leads you step by step, providing powerful synchronistic support to the unfolding of your Truth and the fulfillment of your heart’s desire.


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