The Voice

Taking the next step in understanding and removing the constrictions of Paradigm Paralysis it is critical to understand “the voice”.

I remember when I was young hearing my parents tell me things like”you have to work hard to make it in life”, “the world is not a safe place”, “be careful you don’t want to get hurt”, “life is hard” and so much more. At first it was just something coming from outside but then I recall that I began to repeat these phrases and many others thinking maybe these were important things to remember, until it actually started becoming my own inner voice. As I look back, this was the start of my own inner dialogue, my inner voice, that from childhood began to “parent” me. Soon I no longer needed outside sources to advise me.

Now, those inner voices continue and have throughout my life, as they do for most others. This inner voice has become my inner parent, helping me to survive life. These voices of course were not incorporated just from my parents, but became the messages from my environment – TV, media, relatives, news, friends, authorities and so many other sources. My inner voice is now a conglomeration of these many cultural influences giving me the “wisdom” of those significant others who I believed had important things for me to know.

This inner voice is actually the vehicle of cultural conditioning, or paradigm paralysis. We practice these beliefs, these dictates every day. In a sense, we have been programming ourselves from an early age to behave, think and feel in specific, socially acceptable ways. This is the mass hypnosis I have referred to in the previous article.

Having stayed aware of and directly experience this process of indoctrination throughout my life, I began to investigate what could I do to release myself from these bonds, and further, who was I if this voice did not keep blabbering on and on. This led me to the discovery of research regarding these inner voices, as yes, there is more than one.

To deprogram, to regain your authentic self and become the person you were born to be requires listening, identifying and dis-identifying from your inner voices.  This ability to dis-identify from these voices allows you to quickly regain an experience of your true self, the self behind the mask, behind ego mind, behind your personality patterns. Dis-identification begins the process of de-conditioning from the “master codes”, opening up the possibility for choosing the person you truly want to be, perhaps for the first time in your life. This is the focus of my Breakthrough into Brilliance course. In dis-identifying for these inner voices, we liberate ourselves and are then free to truly choose who we wish to be and how we want to live.

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