Success and Time

Success and Time

By Doc Roberts

Certainly having money and all the things you might want in life is important. We all want to have a comfortable life and we deserve to have it. Of course, some people prefer having more things than others. 

However, I want to throw in another element in determining what success means to you – time! Time is absolutely without question our most precious of all possessions. Nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to the time you have.

Time is the one thing that you can’t get more of, no matter how much money you have. You may spend your time seeking money, love, fame or anything else, however you are still “spending” your time. The critical element here is how are you choosing to spend this most valuable commodity – your time?

The clock keeps ticking, even seems to speed up as we get older.  I like the saying that your life is what happens while you are busy doing other things. Most people take the time they have for granted, continually putting things off, keeping themselves busy with all manner of distractions.

Are you feeling fully alive, awake and present to life right now? Or are you putting your life off for some future time? In evaluating how you want to spend your time, doing what you love, and making a difference with your life should be considered among the most productive ways to invest your time. Either way, your life will keep passing by, so why not wake up and take hold of what matters?

It is amazing how much we get caught in things that don’t really matter. Yet, when you take a moment to contemplate your actual death, you can quickly see what really does matter. Especially if you can get yourself into that shaking feeling you get when you get that momentary glimpse into the actuality. This is an empowering experience and gives you incredible perspective.

We are all subject to an inherent tendency to go unconscious regarding the time we have left. Everyone suffers from this tendency to take our uniqueness, our gifts and the time we have on earth for granted. Even though we each have our own expiration date, though we don’t know when that will be.

Towards the end of your life, will you be happy with how you chose to spend your valuable time? 

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