Psychological Types by Carl Jung

The Psychological Types by Carl Jung was written in 1921. This book is translated by Godwyn Baynes in 1923. Herein is the original research on psychological types by Carl Jung. This has served as the foundation for more recent instruments such as the Kiersey Temperament Sorter and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicators, more mainstreams popular instruments.

I present this original document as I believe it’s always best to get back to the source when investigating your personality type. Jung describes his basic interpretation of the main psychological types based on personal attitude patterns regarding Extrovert/Introvert, Sensing/Intuitive, Thinking/Feeling and the auxiliary function, Judging and Perception.

Having a working understanding of your individual preferences provides the personal knowledge important for personal transformation, doing what you live for a living and having more successful relationships. Knowing your relative strengths will give you true insight into the life and work situations where you can excel. In addition, knowing your relative weaknesses will help you to know where your blind spots are so you can learn to create better balance in your life. If you’re on a personal development path, the information from Psychological Types by Carl Jung will prove very instrumental in your unfoldment.

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