It’s Not About the Money

It’s not about the money!

Yes you can be prosperous doing what you love. In the end however, it’s not about the money! This is what distinguishes the path of life’s work from mainstream career paths. Life ultimately is about joy, it’s about expansion, it is about realizing who you really are and expressing your true magnificence.

Money is not the reason to do something. It is just part of our conditioning and keeps us in fear. Life’s work is a much grander, nobler and more productive path – you are on a very special mission. At the end of your life, how much money you made is truly an empty accomplishment. What is a real accomplishment is having given your gifts, lived to your possibility and left your mark on the world in your own unique way.

What helps in this transformation to a more awakened way of being in the world is realizing you may not live forever. I mean this not as an intellectualization that is usually how we view our pending expiration date. I mean this as an honest, shaking to the roots exercise, that “yes, you will die and you don’t really know when”. Feel it, let it sink in.

Getting to that core realization of your death is what can shake you free of the conditioning, even if briefly, so you can get perspective on what matters. Do it because you want your life to mean something, because you want to know before you die what was truly possible or because you want to have at least “sung your song” as often as you could have.

It’s not about the money. You may have been trying all the visualizations, working on beliefs or fears, thinking positive, reading books and taking workshops, or whatever else to open the doors to greater prosperity. Now consider this simply be distractions. False self, driven by past conditioning, is at the helm, taking you once again on what you ‘should’ do, instead of being the hero in your own life and doing what makes a real difference to you and others.

When you can orient yourself towards making a difference and away from the motivation of doing things to make money, you actually do open the gateway for greater financial abundance. Sounds like a cruel cosmic joke – you get what you want when you no longer want it! But, that is really how it all works.

Focus to what matters, not getting a reward for your efforts. Measure your success by your tangible offerings to the world, not how much you have accumulated. Do what you came to do and Creative Source will do its job – supporting you. This is the magical path of life’s work – the higher path in life that distinguishes you as a true pioneer, an individuating self-actualizer, creating your own life.

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