How to Truly Enjoy Your Life

How to Truly Enjoy your Life

By Doc Roberts

Do you ever catch yourself realizing that you are most often just living your life as if you have all the time in the world to do those things that you want to? Put another way, how often do you really focus exclusively in the moment, taking in all that is present in each moment?

We live in the illusion that we are in control of our lives, our time and our fate. It is only the false self, ego-mind, that sets up these parameters however, creating a false illusory façade that our lives will play out in a certain time frame.

More vital however is that we put off expressing the gifts hidden within our beings, the special uniqueness within us that seeks expression. In putting it off, we not only rob ourselves of living to our greater potential, but cheat the world by not making our special difference.

This is the unconscious waking sleep that lulls us into complacency. We live as if our life will come together some time in the future, that somehow it will be better later, when we get the raise, the relationship, the awakening, or what we will learn from the next breakthrough workshop. Every moment counts. If this is not the way you live your life, then it means you have succumbed to the unconsciousness that has made you forget who you really are. The conditioned mind is in control – planning, plotting, scheming, projecting, ignoring what is real, creating its own reality out of nothing yet making it seem real.

Life is precious. Heaven is here, now. To think our happiness lies in some future time is the pinnacle of illusion. Heaven is a beautiful place to live, resplendent with everything imaginable for our enjoyment. It is all yours and right here, could you but wake up to it.

You can choose to not enjoy your life, stress out instead, be angry, notice only the negative. Hell is really just not being happy with what is happening, no matter what it is. You may experience fear, anger, depression, sadness or whatever. Gratitude it not just in the good times, but more important when experiencing these more negative feelings. Be grateful that you can feel!

Tai Chi teaches to flow with everything that comes your way. In ego terms there is good or bad with bad to be avoided. In terms of the Authentic Self – that which comes your way is an embrace of the Divine – a gift to be enjoyed, magic unfolding as the synchronistic events orchestrate beautifully, perfectly for your highest good. Appreciation is your true job in this life.

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