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Find out if you are really living to your potential. Yes, quick and free career tests! I have been using assessment instruments in my work with 10’s of 1000’s of individuals for over 40 years. Assessment questionnaires can help to confirm whether or not you are in the right career (among other insights). These two simple, quick tests can work together. Though simplified, they will help you to be objective in evaluating your present career or livelihood. Before you embark on making any kind of change, you want to at least assess where you are now.

First Assessment: Objectively assess how your present work is affecting you – physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. The Are You Burned Out Checklist? will give you a good sense of whether your present job has been subtly stressing you out in ways you may not realize.

Along with this questionnaire, you will get an in-depth interpretation and explanation of Burn Out. This instrument was designed to print out, answer, score and then gain an understanding of what your score really means. You can follow this link and download and print out.

Second Assessment: The  Are You Fulfilling Your True Purpose? questionnaire will help you to assess the degree to which your work is aligned with your life purpose. It was designed by me to be printed out, answered and scored. It comes with a detailed explanation of your present circumstances in relation to your Calling. This is downloadable and free to print out.

Third Assessment:Jung Personal Preference Questionnaireidentifies your personality type. Based on 16 personality types identified by Carl Jung this helps to understand your personal preferences, strengths and weaknesses and gives information relevant to career choice and living to your greater potential.

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