Divine Awakening is Here Now

Divine Awakening is Here Now! Yet the Walking Dead are everywhere; still moving around, but only half alive. Every day you and I are surrounded by hoards of people who, for the most part, live on autopilot.  Caught in Maya (illusion), living under the unconscious influence of cultural conditioning, people live their lives unaware of who they really are.  Driven by ego-controlled habit patterns, striving for goals not even theirs, humans live in a dream world, completely out of touch with what is reality and what is illusion.  I’m not talking about you of course, just all those other people.

Spiritual seekers are not immune to this dream world.  In fact, ego patterns are especially prominent within spiritual circles.  The seeker is often on an endless search for what will bring them to Truth.  Yet all the while, the seeking itself prevents Divine Awakening.  When it comes to Awakening however, nothing is a substitute for direct knowing.

Imagine for a moment that you were the actual Divine Awakening, and you wanted to wake people up, en masse, to their true essence.  What would you do?  Well, since subtle isn’t likely to work, you’d want to shake things up.  You would have to break apart the routine structures, the attachments and the illusions of being in control. In other words, cause things to fall apart.  After all, what grabs your attention more than that?

This force of Awakening, you see, is not just another transformation.  It is THE transformation.  Emerging from within, Awakening pierces the veil of illusion, the Dream state that keeps you in bondage.  Enlightenment removes you completely out of the world, at least in the way you have known it.

Old structures disintegrate, but not necessarily in the ways you might expect (or want).  The familiar roadmaps, the habit patterns that you’ve followed unconsciously, may suddenly disappear.  When Divine Awakening strikes in your life (and it is, folks) you are in a free fall without any guideposts or anything to hang on to.

True Realization reveals itself by breaking open the false structures of control that keep you in the Dream state.  All that is not Truth falls away and this may feel very much like chaos.  Despite your personal preferences, everything in your life is getting stripped away.  Often traumatic, this strikes at the very core of your sanity.  And yes, you will often feel like you have nowhere to turn or even words to describe it.

The often mistaken belief about Enlightenment is that it will finally erase all those nasty problems and everything will just be peachy keen.  Contrary to the popular belief that spirituality is all about “happy-happy, joy-joy”, those who’ve been blessed by Awakening (either temporary or permanent) realize that Enlightenment is simply about breaking free of all physiological and psychological conditioning.  This is not always pleasant and in fact, often can be downright unpleasant.  While joy is always the underlying experience once Awakening dawns, liberation stirs things up – all your attachments, all your limiting habit patterns, all your lingering and repressed emotions – basically anything and everything that gets in the way of Spirit Awakening through you.

“Why would I want this?” you ask.  Certainly from the perspective of the ego-mind, there is really nothing to be gained from waking up.  Awakening means the death of ego-based living and all that has been familiar.  Though life lived in separation from truth brings only suffering, it is after all your own special brand of suffering and you can be quite attached to it.  In an odd way, it’s comfortable and feels nice and secure.

Fight it if you want.  Try to control or direct the changes taking place. Go into denial (maybe that will help) or convince yourself you are on the right track by staying in the bliss of spiritual pursuits (a great strategy of the conditioned mind).  But surely, all that is not aligned with Truth will disintegrate. THIS FOLKS IS TOTALLY OUT OF YOUR CONTROL.

Keep in mind that it is only old patterns of resistance that create all the agonizing, confusion and emotional breakdowns in one’s life.  Sooner or later, you will learn to let go and accept and trust what is happening.  Your illusions will be seen for what they are.  You’ll finally be at one, at peace with the Divine. Brahman Consciousness will dawn.

Intimately knowing the perfection in every moment actually still takes some getting used to.  I’m not talking intellectual understanding here, I’m talking about pure direct knowing.  No longer finding yourself in resistance, trying to control all the daily happenings of life (as if you really know what is best for you anyway); you’re truly free for the first time.

With Awakening you fall into your true essential nature. This shift though is not the result of spiritual mood making or ritualized practices. Brahman is an indescribable, direct experience of what is real. The absolute, pure consciousness that pervades all existence is now experienced as your own being.  And that it always has been. That is I.

It’s been understood throughout the ages that being in the company of the Awakened is instrumental in making sense of this shift.  In contrast, seeking advice and counseling from those still living within the Dream will only confuse and may even obstruct what is occurring.  As Awakening dawns, people need knowledge, but even more, confirmation of what is occurring in order to relate and be in a different way.

It’s time to Awaken to the eternal being you have always been. Living from your true essence, your authentic self, no longer identified with your conditioned personality and inner voices, you are free! 

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