Can you make money fulfilling your calling?

Can you make money fulfilling your calling? Those who have traversed this path ahead of you know the truth. You can be much more prosperous doing what you truly love, than in work that confines you. Money flows in the direction of joy, of creative intention. Joy is always aligned with Calling. Creative Intelligence flows in the direction of joy and so does prosperity.

Money is just one sign however. Divine source is abundant. Calling breaks you through any blocks to prosperity. In fact, increased flow of money is one of the signs that you’re attuning to your true destiny. The unfolding of your sacred agreement will not be denied and will be supported in a myriad of ways.

You have all that you need to succeed. Your talents, gifts and special circumstances are all aligned perfectly to fulfill your unique destiny. A divine being with the power to create miracles, you CAN break free of your conditioning and be the person you were born to be. Everything in your life has led you to this point in time to do just that.

If you are stuck, like most people, you may wonder why you don’t know what you really want. You may begin to even wonder if there is something wrong with you, or that you are not really talented enough or too fearful or whatever. There is nothing wrong with you. You don’t have to analyze your fears, nor the reasons why you are not doing what you love or even investigating why you do not know what you want to do with your life. These questions are irrelevant and a total waste of time.

There is nothing wrong with you.

First step — decide right now that you are ready. You are reading these words for a reason. Pay attention to what is being triggered within you. The essence of who you are understands and desires your total awakening.

Daily, your higher Self prompts you with various clues that point you in the direction of your Calling. Being continually presented with these clues through various encounters, chance happenings and all manner of synchronistic events, the vast Creative Intelligence, the source of all, moves you to this awakening. You only need to be open and declaring you are ready sets it all in motion.

Now, there is the easy way and the hard way.

The hard way is how most people search for what is missing in their life. They seek fame, fortune, love or possessions, constantly jumping from one promise of happiness to another. Some achieve great success in the eyes of the world, yet they still remain unfulfilled and empty inside.

The easy way is to learn how to recognize and decipher the clues that regularly shine through the ego illusion. Clues are those special moments of connection to your Higher Self. 

Vital clues are always present. For example, one such set of clues is your past moments of joy (included in my program). It is joy that activates in those moments when you are using your special Divine talents. Joy is your essence and the experience that comes when living from your Authentic Self. With guidance these moments can be translated into a deeper understanding of your soul’s purpose as well as uncovering your talents and path to success.

Another clue to at least indicate you are on the wrong path is struggling to make money. It is Divine guidance showing you that there is a better way and it is time to change. Choosing to discover your Work means choosing to uncover and transform your personal challenges into the opportunities that they really are. 

Having given your self-mastery over to others — your boss, government leaders, peers, etc. — allows them instead to have authority over your life. Your vital responsibility is to discover what is best for you and bring your life into harmony with it. Trust is the key to prospering. Trust that the universe is moving exactly in accordance with your own deepest unfolding and what is present is needed. Then the courage to move forward and act on what is calling to you.

Individuals who are considered self-actualizing or fully functioning, that is, living beyond the norm, experience what it is like to live to their greater potential. They know the feeling of doing what brings joy on a daily basis, attuned to the magic of how their Work unfolds as they continue to expand their personal reach. They know what it feels like to be leaving their mark and contributing to the betterment of Life.

You are called like everyone is. However, relatively few courageously heed the call. 

Again, you are ready, when you say you are. Stop waiting for some future magical moment when you will be ready. To be a fully functioning, fully realized individual means living here and now. Now is your time. Grab it.

The planet needs you, and you need you, to awaken and give your gifts.

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