Awakening and Your True Calling

By Richard (Doc) Roberts, PhD.

You’ve been entrusted with a Divine purpose. It’s your’s alone to fulfill.

No one ever in history and no one ever to be can do what you are capable of. 


Your job, if you are truly to honor the precious gift of life you have been blessed with, is to live as fully, as passionately and as exuberantly as you possibly can. Share your awesome magnificence with the world and leave your mark. This is why you came here. This is your true destiny.

Be the extraordinary you that you already are.

To fully embrace and express the richness that you possess, your primary task is to continually breakthrough all internal and external limitations that hold you back. You, and you alone, have been entrusted with certain unique gifts you must express if you are to feel fully alive.

You have a sacred agreement to you express the gifts you have been given and live your life full out.  It is only in the unrestricted expression of these divine attributes in line with your Soul’s calling that will awaken you to the fullest realization of your extraordinary potential.

The breakthrough that beckons in your quest to shine as brightly as you can, is attune to that which calls to you. Your Work is not only about your own evolution, but also about serving a higher purpose on this planet. You have a part to play in global transformation. Soul’s calling is always two-fold, what you most need to do and what the world most needs you to do.

Your legitimate birthright is nothing less than being a fully open and incredibly powerful direct conduit for Divine Creative Intelligence. You are here now, reading these words, to assume your rightful status as a co-creator. Emerging into the limitless, eternal being that you are, follows closely behind the choice to discover and fulfill the work that calls to you. 

However this is how it unfolds usually.

Within a few years of being born, seduced by constant cultural messages and purposes not your own, you begin to go unconscious, immersing yourself in the world of illusion. Falling under the hypnotic trance of believing your dreams are going to happen ‘someday’ – a ploy manufactured by ego-mind – your attention was systematically commandeered.

Cultural conditioning promotes unconsciousness in the name of survival. Individuals are literally bred to fit in, look good, acquire things and protect themselves. Ego-mind, the cultural counterpart, excels at distracting you with these external pursuits. You’ve been misled, thinking pleasure, joy, freedom and success are just around the corner, in the form of that next job, promotion or business opportunity. 

It all eventually breaks down, however. What remains in the aftermath is just the feeling of being incomplete somehow. So you find yourself caught, seeking and yearning for what constantly eludes you. This is the way it is for most people – going through life ignorant of what matters most – instead only longing for something they know not what.

Ego-mind is extremely masterful at clouding perception and disguising the Truth. Living in the world of illusion, you, if you are like most people, are unaware of what is truly possible in your life. Projecting into an imagined future, you would quite naturally think that you have plenty of time to do all the things you want to do, including fulfilling your destiny.

While living in the cloud of illusion, foggy at best about Calling, you remain stuck in preparation mode, working on your talents and always seeking. So, instead of living full out, freely expressing yourself with a total passion, right now in your life, you probably find yourself functioning way below your real capabilities. Again, if you are like most people, cultural conditioning has programmed you to continually compromise your magnificence, selling out for the illusion of job security and a steady paycheck.

Having lost touch with your Divinity early in life, you have learned to perpetually suppress your true power, playing the role of the disempowered one instead. Remaining unconscious of your Calling, what takes its place is a nagging restlessness and an emptiness. You will always sell yourself short until you breakthrough the illusions and begin to recognize what is missing.

You were not born to live out your days in mediocre pursuits and dead-end jobs or continually struggling to make a living. These are all signs that you are out of whack with who you really are. 

Okay, so while having made a sacred agreement to wake up and fulfill your destiny, you have gone unconscious instead, forgetting your deeper purpose. This is quite natural. The cosmic set up is that amidst these unconscious conditioned thoughts and behaviors, there is also the silent recognition, operating just outside normal awareness, that you were born for something more.

Be grateful that you were set up. For in the quest to uncover your true Work, you will automatically come to awaken to your true Self, your Authentic Self. This is divine intention. Clarity of calling resides within your Highest Self and only requires aligning with it.

Further, in the process of not only discovering, but also fulfilling your life’s work, it is unavoidable that you’ll be challenged to give your absolute best. Quite naturally, you will use more and more of your full potential as a result. Breaking through any and all limitations to express your genuine talents and capacities in passionate service, you will transform into being the person you were born to be.

Are you ready to wake up?

Of course, you can continue to coast through life waiting for some future moment, when you are ready or some miracle that will take place to move you out of being stuck.  That may happen or not. Recognize that when not doing the work you love you are stuck. Now it’s your choice to wake up.

 Your moment is exactly when you say it is, and that needs to be right now, or you will continue to be caught in illusion. Make this your time.

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