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DISCOVER YOUR LIFE’S WORK:  Awaken To Your True Calling & Extraordinary Potential, A Step-By-Step Guide For Creating Unbounded Prosperity Fulfilling Your Divine Destiny

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The Step by Step Guide to Awaken Your True Vocation & Extraordinary Potential

Create Unbounded Prosperity Fulfilling Your Divine Destiny

By Dr. Roberts

What would it mean to you to fully experience who you really are and unleash your deepest capacities to create what you choose in life?

Wouldn’t it be great to be living aligned with your Authentic Self rather than captive to your false self’s distractions?

How would it feel to know the sheer joy of spending your precious hours each day doing what you truly love and making money at it?

Imagine what it would be like to be living daily with a passion for the Work you are doing. And yes, it is possible!

When identified with your true Calling, you get to convert your greatest talents into creating greater health and wellness. It’s the resistance to the divine momentum of your life that causes stress and therefore creates stress-related illnesses. Attuning to your gifts and allowing the full expression of them will bring you to new heights of exuberance and vitality.

Imagine waking up each morning excited about the new day! 

What an incredible freedom it is to no longer be harnessed to doing something beneath you, just to make money. You are only truly free when you can direct your own life (free of conditioning and outside forces). Being in full alignment with Creative Source itself brings freedom and joy. Life will love you and care for you when you let go of old moneymaking paradigms. Ah, the peace of flowing with each moment, knowing full well that all is taken care of.

Want more money?

Awaken to and release the floodgates of financial abundance within.  Is this possible? You bet! Being in sync with the Creative Source, aligned with your true Calling (Life’s Work), you can’t help but magnetize and ignite prosperity.  Universal Support is already there, waiting simply for your commitment to emerge in your full glory.

Current estimates are that most people use only 3-5% pf their potential. At the same time, research indicates that self-actualizing individuals (full functioning individuals) utilize much more of their true potential. These are the individuals doing what they truly love for a living and prospering as a result. The question: can you be more financially successful using 3-5% of your capacities or 20%, 30%, 50% or even more of your potential?

Abundant prosperity is the natural outcome of following your bliss and living to your full potential.

Of course the best payoff to this transformational training is living the life you have secretly dreamed of and hoped for, even if it is not fully clear to you yet. With your decision to engage your energy and attention in this course, you have chosen to redirect your life. This major shift is all about moving into the deeper flow of your life, placing yourself in the hands of the vast Creative Intelligence and experiencing for yourself what it is doing all the time – moving you towards your highest good.

This workbook was designed to do just that, kick you into high gear with clarity and passion.

This downloadable version of the Workbook does not include copies of assessments that come with hardcopy. 

160 pages.

For 40 years I’ve assisted thousands upon thousands of individuals to awaken to their true divine calling in life and life to their greater potential. The process of vocational awakening is not only deeply rewarding, but essential if you are to live a life full of passion, do what you love and be truly successful financially. Money follows passion. The tools on this page I’ve found to be the most essential to discovering your real interests, abilities and begin to target the right life direction for you.

I have had many “hard cases” in my work. Yet, simply following through on this training will get you to where you want to be – clarity, conviction, passion and drive, no matter how hard a case you might think you are. Coming to know your soul’s true calling is simply a matter of transcending the usual automatic unconscious habits to get to your truth. Now I know this is not simple or everyone would be clear. Yet, these proven exercises will help you get clear.

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