Career Occupational Preference Survey


The Career Occupational Preference Survey is one of the simplest and yet most comprehensive measures of career interests. Identifies specific careers matched to your personal preferences. Also identifies interest/skill matches and choosing college majors. Includes Scoring Profile and Interpretation Guide.

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The Career Occupational Preference System is an interest inventory It provides interest scores referencing the COPSystem 14 Career Clusters. Focused to a wide variety of occupations at differing skill levels, the COPS can be used to explore college majors, helping college students conquer career indecision as well as assist adult professionals with career change. COPS interest assessment heightens self-awareness while providing access to the most current occupational information currently available.

Price includes self-administered test booklet, self-scoring instructions and the self-interpretation Profile and Guide which also provides list of careers, essential skills and educational areas as well as worksheet for further career planning. College student and adult norms.

Career Occupational Preference Survey – $16.95

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