Do It Yourself Testing

The following do it yourself testing instruments and packages were specifically selected to provide the in-depth self-understanding necessary to accelerate the identification of your life’s work as well as provide deeper insights into your personal strengths and liabilities.

The result: you’ll be empowered to make clear and more fulfilling life/career decisions and save a lot of money over private career counseling and testing programs.

Benefits of Using Standardized Tests for Life/Career Decision-Making:

  1. Less expensive than private career counseling.
  2. Inexpensive way to move forward on your life path with more confidence.
  3. Targeted from years of experience to getting directly to the information you need to make the right decisions.
  4. Easy self-interpretation for do-it-yourselfers.
  5. Thorough and comprehensive examination of the exact information you need to pinpoint your life’s work.
  6. Focused to obtaining useful, in-depth self-knowledge related to personal transformation.

The following assessments will assist you in getting more in-depth insights into the career fields matched to your personality, interests, best skills and primary motivations. Most of the following assessment instruments have been extensively researched and demonstrate statistical validity and reliability. These assessment instruments have been broken down into the critical areas for vocational awakening – Interests/Vocational Type, Aptitudes and Personal Motivators.

Individual Career Tests


Career Ability Placement Survey (CAPS) – $29.95

A comprehensive, multi-dimensional aptitude battery designed to measure vocationally relevant abilities. Includes Scoring Profile and Interpretation Guide. This also cross references to the COPS interest assessment to further pinpoint relevant careers and majors.

Each of the eight ability dimensions is keyed to entry requirements for the majority of occupations in each of the 14 COPS Career Clusters. CAPS scores are interpreted in terms of examinees’ abilities relative to others at the same educational level. Examinees learn which occupational areas are most suited to their present abilities and which areas might require a bit more training if examinees are interested in pursuing related occupations.  Price includes test, profile and guide. Appropriate for Middle School, High School, and College students as well as adults.


Personal Motivators:

COPES: Career Orientation Placement & Evaluation Survey – measures personal motivators, an essential ingredient in making clear career decisions. Includes scoring and explanation of results. – $9.95


Vocational Satisfaction Questionnaire – College/Adult – $2.95

Identifies critical career priorities necessary to career satisfaction as well as prioritizing personal primary motivations.Measures personal vocational priorities and essential sources of job satisfaction. Provides a means to clarify inner motivations/drives
and identifies critical factors essential to identifying and fulfilling your life’s work. Self-scoring. Downloadable pdf.

Career Interests/Vocational Type:

Self-Directed Search – High School/College/Adult – $16.95

To first determine your true Vocational Type, an important factor when making career decisions that reveal the work environments and specific careers that would suit you best as well as further confirming your unique interests and abilities. Very popular, statistically valid interest inventory that identifies career interests and matches these to over 1300 job titles. Includes
identification of Vocational Type – a 3 letter code similar to personality type that examines skills, interests, personal preferences
and areas of educational interest. Price includes test, Occupations Finder and explanation of each type. Vocational Type is a great
way for clarifying direction.



Consider the cost of private career counseling these days. Taking a career assessment package costs typically between  $500 to $900. I have conducted 1000’s of these private career guidance sessions and what I have developed is a package that will allow you to explore your career options, get the right information about yourself and the future labor market. Find your niche, ultimately doing what you love for a living and realize your true creative potential in the process. 

This assessment package is intended to be self-administered and self interpreted. Specific guidelines have been developed to do this and are included in the package. NO ONE can choose for you. This package will guide you in this vital self-discovery process to express your greatest talents and be paid to do what you love and are most successful at.



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