Awakening and The Soul’s Evolution

By Richard L. Roberts, PhD.

You have been entrusted with a Divine purpose. It is your’s alone to fulfill. This purpose is to:


Your job, if you are to truly honor the precious gift of life you have been blessed with, is to live as fully, as passionately and as exuberantly as you can. Share your awesome magnificence with the world and leave your mark. This is why you came here. This is what really inspires you in this world. This is your true destiny.

Make your life extraordinary.

To fully embrace and express the richness that you possess within, your primary task then is to continually breakthrough all internal and external limitations that hold you back. Awakening to the person you were born to be, you would, quite naturally, begin to radiate your light.

You were born to be the best YOU that you could possibly be. To utilize the exceptional combination of talents and distinguishing personality traits and characteristics that you alone possess is why you are here. You, and you alone, have been entrusted with certain unique gifts you must express if you are to live fully.

It is your most sacred agreement that you express your gifts and live your life full out.  It is only in the unrestricted expression of these divine attributes in line with your Soul’s purpose that will allow you to awaken to the fullest realization of your extraordinary potential.

Vocation or Life’s Work is that special life path that will propel you to your highest manifestation of who you truly are. The breakthrough that beckons to you then, in your quest to shine as brightly as you can, is to discover your unique Vocation, the Work you must do.

Vocation (Calling or Soul’s Purpose) is the primary agent for personal and planetary evolution.

You were not born to live out your days in mediocre pursuits and dead-end jobs. You are not here to continually struggle to make a living. These are all signs that you are out of whack with who you really are. You are certainly not aligned with your true Calling.

Your legitimate birthright is nothing less than being a fully open and incredibly powerful direct conduit for Divine Creative Intelligence. You are here now, reading these words, to, from this point forward, assume your rightful status as a co-creator. Emerging into the limitless, eternal being that you are, follows closely behind the choice to discover and fulfill your Life’s Work. This has huge ramifications, both for you and very much for the Planet as well.

It is a cosmic set up.

Within years of being born, you began to go unconscious, more and more living in the world of illusion, seduced by constant messages and purposes not your own. Falling under the hypnotic trance of believing that realizing your dreams is going to happen ‘someday’ (as is your life) – a great ploy manufactured by ego-mind – your attention was systematically commandeered.

Cultural conditioning promotes unconsciousness in the name of survival. Individuals are literally bred to fit in, look good, acquire things and protect themselves. Ego-mind, the cultural counterpart, excels at distracting you with these external pursuits. You’ve been misled, thinking pleasure, joy, freedom and success are just around the corner, in the form of that next job, promotion or business opportunity. Finally, you will get what you have always wanted.

It all eventually breaks down, however. What remains in the aftermath is just the feeling of being incomplete somehow. So you find yourself caught, seeking and yearning for what constantly eludes you. This is the way it is for most people – going through life ignorant of what matters most – instead longing for something they know not what.

Ego-mind is extremely masterful at clouding perception and disguising the Truth. Living in the world of illusion, you, if you are like most people, are unaware of what is truly possible in your life. Projecting into an imagined future, you would quite naturally think that you have plenty of time to do all the things you want to do, including fulfilling your destiny.

So, instead of living full out, freely expressing yourself with a total passion, right now in your life, you probably find yourself functioning way below your real capabilities. Again, if you are like most people, cultural conditioning has programmed you to continually compromise your magnificence, selling out for the illusion of job security and a steady paycheck.

Having lost touch with your Divinity early in life, you have learned to perpetually suppress your true power, playing the role of the disempowered one instead. Remaining unconscious of your Calling, what takes its place is a nagging restlessness and an emptiness. You will always sell yourself short until you breakthrough the illusions and begin to recognize what is missing.

Okay, so while having made a sacred agreement to wake up and fulfill your destiny, you have gone unconscious instead, forgetting your deeper purpose. This is quite natural. The cosmic set up is that amidst these unconscious conditioned thoughts and behaviors, there is also the silent recognition, operating just outside normal awareness, that you were born for something more.

Be grateful that you were set up. For in the quest to uncover your true Work, you will automatically come to awaken to your true Self, your Authentic Self. This is the cosmic intention. Clarity of calling resides within your Soul or Self. Therefore to discover your Calling requires only that you align with your Divine Self.

Further, in the process of not only discovering, but also fulfilling your life’s work, it is unavoidable that you’ll be challenged to give your absolute best. Quite naturally, you will use more and more of your full potential in your special Work. As you break through any and all limitations to express your genuine talents and capacities in passionate service, you will transform into being the person you were born to be.

The question is: When is your time to wake up?

You can continue to coast through life waiting for some future moment, when you are ready or some miracle that will take place to move you out of being stuck.  That may happen or not however. The first step is recognizing that when you are not really doing the work you love and not earning what you feel you should be worth, you are stuck.

Realizing that you are stuck opens the door. Then it is really your choice at that point to wake up. By wake up, I mean, to see through the endless distractions fabricated by ego-mind.

This is the beginning of vocational awakening. Your soul’s evolution (and the world’s) demands that you wake up from the illusion created by your ego-mind and cultural conditioning.

So here you are, born with a greater purpose to fulfill, yet finding yourself in the midst of confusion and illusion instead. This is all part of the plan. While lost, doing work that does not really challenge you, you are called to wake up. What is true is that your moment is exactly when you say it is, and that needs to be right now, or you will continue to be caught in illusion.

What is important to recognize is that your Work is not only about your own evolution, but also about serving a higher purpose on the planet. It is about playing your part in global transformation. Soul’s purpose or Calling is always two-fold, what you most need to do and what the world most needs you to do.

Can you make money fulfilling your Calling?

Those who have traversed this path ahead of you know the truth. You can be much more prosperous doing what you truly love, than in work that confines you. Money flows in the direction of joy, of creative intention. Joy is always aligned with Calling. Creative Intelligence flows in the direction of joy and so does prosperity.

Money is just one sign. Divine source is abundant. Your Calling will break you through any blocks to prosperity. In fact, increased flow of money is one of the signs that you are attuning to your true destiny. The unfolding of your sacred agreement will not be denied and will be supported in a myriad of ways.

You have all that you need to succeed. Your talents, gifts and special circumstances are all aligned perfectly to fulfill your unique destiny. A divine being with the power to create miracles, you CAN break free of your conditioning and be the person you were born to be. Everything in your life has led you to this point in time to do just that.

Vocational Guidance.

The primary focus of vocational guidance should be to help you recognize the obvious clues that point the way to your true Purpose and Soul’s evolution. Seeing through the habitual, ego patterns, specific strategies can be employed to reveal your own deeper Truth regarding your Higher Calling, greatest talents and Life’s Work path.

One thing I especially like about offering Vocational Counseling (as opposed to traditional career counseling) is that it cuts direct to the core issue. It is focused to results! It is focused to awakening the fullness of who you are. It is a unique approach to targeting your Work in the world that will accelerate the realization of your full potential.

The problem with most career counseling services is that many such programs operate within the illusion of cultural conditioning. These are nothing other than part of the system for changing careers, finding jobs or just creating ways to make money. These methods can’t help you when you are seeking the clues to Vocational Awakening and Self-realization.

Then there are the current popularized promises of helping you to identify your passions, life purpose or help you get rich. It is one thing to say, “follow your bliss”, quite another to recognize what that is. Even more, discovering your passion is not enough. You must be able to formulate a viable vocational path that not only supports you in today’s marketplace, but that also allows you to succeed in ways you may not have even considered.

You see, there is nothing wrong with you.

If you are stuck, like most people, you may wonder why you don’t know what you really want. You may begin to even wonder if there is something wrong with you, or that you are not really talented enough or too fearful or whatever. There is nothing wrong with you. You don’t have to analyze your fears, nor the reasons why you are not doing what you love or even investigating why you do not know what you want to do with your life. These questions are irrelevant and a total waste of time.

What matters is that you decide right now that you are ready. You are reading these words for a reason. Pay attention to what is being triggered within you. The essence of who you are understands and desires your total awakening.

Daily, your higher Self prompts you with various clues that point you in the direction of your Calling. Being continually presented with these clues through various encounters, chance happenings and all manner of synchronistic events, the vast Creative Intelligence, the source of all, moves you to this awakening. You only need to be open and declaring you are ready sets it all in motion.

Now, there is the easy way and the hard way.

The hard way is how most people search for what is missing in their life. They seek fame, fortune, love or possessions, constantly jumping from one promise of happiness to another. Some achieve great success in the eyes of the world, yet they still remain unsatisfied.

The easy way is to learn how to recognize and decipher the clues that regularly shine through the ego illusion. Clues are those special moments of connection to your Soul or Higher Self. One way where the right Vocational Guidance can help is to bring clarity to understanding how to read these clues.

Vital clues are always present. For example, one such set of clues is your past moments of joy. It is joy that activates in those moments when you are using your special Divine talents. Joy is your essence and the experience that comes when living from your Authentic Self. With guidance these moments can be translated into a deeper understanding of your soul’s purpose as well as uncovering your talents and path to success.

Crisis Or Opportunity?

Choosing to discover your Work means choosing to uncover and transform your personal challenges into the opportunities that they really are. These are gifts of Divine energy helping you to grow and reach beyond present limitations, so that you can realize what you are really capable of.

While living in the cloud of illusion, unaware of your Calling, you are still in preparation, developing your talents (though most likely not in your work history). Crises often present very unique and focused opportunities to grow. Gifts from Creative Intelligence come in all forms and are always presenting your next step.

Individuals who are considered self-actualizing or fully functioning, that is, living beyond the norm, experience what it is like to live to their greater potential. They know the feeling of doing what brings joy on a daily basis, attuned to the magic of how their Work unfolds as they continue to expand their personal reach. They know what it feels like to be leaving their mark and contributing to the betterment of Life.

These individuals have learned to treat crises as opportunities. They have learned to see fear as their ally. Fear, after all, points the way to the next breakthrough, if understood from the cosmic perspective.

This is the path that vocational awakening leads you to. It is the evolution of your deeper soul made manifest. 

This path calls to everyone. However, relatively few courageously heed the call. Why? One reason is the methods for realizing truth are quite rare. The other is that one must make a decision to dig deeper, past the chaotic voices of the ego-mind, to come to know the core essence of their personhood.

Lastly, deep down, is the fear of success. If you know your Soul’s Purpose, what if you do it and succeed? Action means change, success means you may not be in control and certainly, not stay within your comfort zone. Most people pull back from their destiny because success scares them. Yet, what is the alternative? Haven’t you been down that road many times?

The planet needs you, and you need you, to awaken.

Again, you are ready, when you say you are. Stop waiting for some future magical moment when you will be ready. To be a fully functioning, fully realized individual means living here and now. Now is your time. Grab it.

Bio: Richard L. Roberts, PhD. is a Breakthrough Catalyst and Intuitive. For over 40 years, he has personally assisted 10’s of 1000’s of individuals to awaken to their true Vocation and realize their greater creative potential. He is author of True Calling – A Breakthrough Guide as well as numerous other publications.

He has a BS in Physiological Psychology, MS in Vocational Counseling/Assessment and PhD. in Human Potential Psychology. He has consulted to organizations such as AT&T, Pacific Bell, USPS, Allstate Insurance, Colonial Penn, Chicago Title, University of Colorado at Boulder as well as teaching his training programs throughout the U.S. at conventions, colleges and professional community seminars.

He offers a unique blend of real-world career change  and business development strategies with a spiritual depth from his life long journey in Self-realization and advanced manifesting principles.

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